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Wanaree Tanner Workshop

Posted in Artists, Jewelry by paccorinti on August 2, 2013

I had the pleasure hosting a workshop for using the Silhouette Cameo with metal clay taught by Wanaree Tanner. Wannaree is the 2013 Saul Bell winner for Metal Clay. She has developed a method for using the Silhouette to cut intricate bezels and templates to be used with metal clay. I have been following her work for a number of years and have been so inspired by her creativity that when I met her last year at the last PMC Conference, I asked if she would like to come out to do a workshop for our metal clay guild. It just so happened that she was planning to come to California to do a couple of workshops at Brea Bead Works in southern California in late June and was willing to to come up to the Bay Area for a 2 day Silhouette workshop in July.

Wanaree arrived a day early so we spent a day playing tourist in San Francisco.

Wanaree in SF

The workshop over the next two days was filled with new and exciting information. We learned how to size our templates for the cabochon stones we had chosen to make bezel settings for and to create a unique and original texture design for the back plates and bales from Scratchfoam. We then learned how to use the Silhouette Cameo to cut a delicate bezel from PMC silver clay sheet and attach it to our backplates. After refining our designs and attaching a bail, we fired our pieces and learned how to set the cabochon stones.


We had 10 people around the dining room table.

Designing and cutting bezel wire on the Cameo.

A piece ready to go into the kiln.

My finished piece.

My finished piece.

It was a great workshop. I highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to take a workshop from Wanaree, you should do it. She is a giving and thorough teacher, and lots of fun, too. I know I learned lots of things that I will be able to incorporate into my metal clay jewelry. Wanaree will be teaching at Metal Clay Mojo in September. Her blog is   for more information.

This short YouTube video briefly shows how to use the Silhouette Cameo to cut a beze wire using Art Clay Copper.

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Posted in Artists, Jewelry, My Work, Travel by paccorinti on July 30, 2009

The Metal Clay World Conference took place just a few short weeks ago in Chicago. I had wondered if I could afford to go this year but I am so glad I did. What a great opportunity to mingle with the metal clay and jewelry community.

My class with Mary Hettsmanperger was great! We worked with copper and brass sheet and wire to create all kinds of earrings and pendants. I loves the opportunity to try all the techniques Mary showed us and I left with a number of finished pieces.

These are the pieces I finished in Mary's class.

These are the pieces I finished in Mary's class.

I also have another couple pieces that are waiting to be finished.

The conference started the next day with a keynote by Alan Revere. He has been one of my jewelry heros from way back. I actually drooled over his jewelry back in the early 80s when he sold his work at the ACC Craft Fair in San Francisco. I bought a pair of his earrings and still wear them on occasion. I should take a picture an post it sometime.

That night we attended the Opening  reception. I enjoyed mingling with old friends and new acquaintances at the reception as well as all of the presenters and teachers. Mary Hettsmanperger, Holly Gage, Gordon Uyehara, Hattie Sanderson, Tim McCreight and Trish Jeffers are just some of the names I remember.

Alan Revere was the keynote speaker. I have admired Alan for many years. During the early 1980s, I used to drool over his jewelry at the ACC Craft Fair in San Francisco. (I even bought a pair of earrings that I still wear.) His talk was about giving back. He has created a website, Adorn America, that explains his concept. To begin, we were given a piece of foil and told to create a ring. At the end of Alan’s speech, he asked us to give our ring to the person next to us. I traded rings with my friend and room mate for the conference, Susan Shahinian.


The sessions were great. I got so much new information my head was spinning. Many of the presenters were people who post to the Metal Clay Gallery Yahoo Group and it was great to connect names with faces. The shopping was great, too. I always love to be able to pick out stones that I can’t get every day. I also won a full set of Dynasty Stamp Textures at one of the meal time raffles! That was a wonderful surprise since I had been admiring some in the vendor’s room. And the greatest surprise was when I won a prize for my mystery bag entry! Alan Revere gave me a special award for Best Design! I felt so honored.

Alan Revere and me.

Alan Revere and me.Best Design

The way the Mystery Bag Competition works is that the competitors each get a brown paper bag that contains a number of  items including silver clay, a coffee bean, 2 squares of toilet tissue, a piece of hemp twine, a paper lollypop stick, a piece of square brass tubing. They must use every item in the bag but may also use the wrappers or the bag itself to create a piece of art (many were sculptures). The only limitation was that you could only use the tools provided at the work station. It ‘s a real challenge to come up with something in the time allotted. Here’s my piece.

Best Design

Best Design