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An Update

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Wow, when I retired over a year ago, I thought I would spend much more time writing blog posts but little did I know that I would be busier than ever! I’ve got to travel, learned new skills, attended a great conference and spend more time with my family. This summer has been busier as we are doing a complete update to our backyard and pool. I think I might have to go back to work to get some rest!

As of March, I have been showing my jewelry in the Viewpoints Gallery in Los Altos, CA. It’s a co-op gallery with 13 painters, a ceramic artist and me. I work in the gallery 2 days each month which has been really fun. I have met so many new people and acquired new customers. If you are in town, stop by and check out all the wonderful art.

Viewpoints Gallery

Viewpoints Gallery


The Viewpoints Gallery located in Los Altos, CA

New Work

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One of the things I wanted to do when I retired was to learn lamp work glass bead making. In early summer I took a class from the wonder Jelveh  Jaferian at Graceful Customs Studio in Gilroy with some of my friends. It was a beginning class, just a couple of hours, but it was crammed full of information. I left that day with my head spinning. The studio holds open torch time on Mondays, so I made a commitment to come back whenever I could to practice what we learned.

Box with glass beads

As you can see, I have made a few beads but I have a lot to learn. I remember that centering a lump of clay was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Well, making a round bead is just about as hard! And making a group of beads that are all the same size, well, that’s another learning curve I’m struggling with. But I am having so much fun. Maybe it will come to me some day!

Experience Metal!

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Are you interested in making jewelry or working with metals? Next weekend, August 17, 18 & 19, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is having a fantastic program with exhibits, demos and hands-on workshops. I’ll be there on Saturday, teaching 2 basic silver clay workshops for beginners. I’m going to show the participants how to texture, shape and fire fine silver metal clay to make earrings, pendants or charms in just 2 hours. If you are interested, check out the SCMAH’s website.

Flyer for Experience Metal!

Artist of the Month

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Quite a while back, Mike Wilk from Art Clay World emailed me and asked me if I wanted to be one of Art Clay World’s artists of the month. Heck! Why not? I sent in pictures and some information about myself. When I got home from vacation I had an email from Mike telling me that I was the Artist of the Month for July. Very cool!  Now I have to start living up to that honor. Off to the studio to put it in order for some art making time.


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The Metal Clay World Conference took place just a few short weeks ago in Chicago. I had wondered if I could afford to go this year but I am so glad I did. What a great opportunity to mingle with the metal clay and jewelry community.

My class with Mary Hettsmanperger was great! We worked with copper and brass sheet and wire to create all kinds of earrings and pendants. I loves the opportunity to try all the techniques Mary showed us and I left with a number of finished pieces.

These are the pieces I finished in Mary's class.

These are the pieces I finished in Mary's class.

I also have another couple pieces that are waiting to be finished.

The conference started the next day with a keynote by Alan Revere. He has been one of my jewelry heros from way back. I actually drooled over his jewelry back in the early 80s when he sold his work at the ACC Craft Fair in San Francisco. I bought a pair of his earrings and still wear them on occasion. I should take a picture an post it sometime.

That night we attended the Opening  reception. I enjoyed mingling with old friends and new acquaintances at the reception as well as all of the presenters and teachers. Mary Hettsmanperger, Holly Gage, Gordon Uyehara, Hattie Sanderson, Tim McCreight and Trish Jeffers are just some of the names I remember.

Alan Revere was the keynote speaker. I have admired Alan for many years. During the early 1980s, I used to drool over his jewelry at the ACC Craft Fair in San Francisco. (I even bought a pair of earrings that I still wear.) His talk was about giving back. He has created a website, Adorn America, that explains his concept. To begin, we were given a piece of foil and told to create a ring. At the end of Alan’s speech, he asked us to give our ring to the person next to us. I traded rings with my friend and room mate for the conference, Susan Shahinian.


The sessions were great. I got so much new information my head was spinning. Many of the presenters were people who post to the Metal Clay Gallery Yahoo Group and it was great to connect names with faces. The shopping was great, too. I always love to be able to pick out stones that I can’t get every day. I also won a full set of Dynasty Stamp Textures at one of the meal time raffles! That was a wonderful surprise since I had been admiring some in the vendor’s room. And the greatest surprise was when I won a prize for my mystery bag entry! Alan Revere gave me a special award for Best Design! I felt so honored.

Alan Revere and me.

Alan Revere and me.Best Design

The way the Mystery Bag Competition works is that the competitors each get a brown paper bag that contains a number of  items including silver clay, a coffee bean, 2 squares of toilet tissue, a piece of hemp twine, a paper lollypop stick, a piece of square brass tubing. They must use every item in the bag but may also use the wrappers or the bag itself to create a piece of art (many were sculptures). The only limitation was that you could only use the tools provided at the work station. It ‘s a real challenge to come up with something in the time allotted. Here’s my piece.

Best Design

Best Design

Catching Up

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I have been busy, busy, BUSY!  But I’m terrible at updating this blog. Silicon Valley Open Studios will be the weekend of May 9 & 10 and I have been trying to get things produced for the sale. I’ll be showing with my good friends, Veronica Gross, Janet Trenchard, Patty Seaborn, Karen Schroeder and Marilynn Holt at a beautiful location in Los Gatos. Be sure to stop by if you’re in town.

I wanted to report back on my expiriment of repairing broken bronze pieces with an “oil paste” made from lavender essential oil and bronze clay. The last batch of bronze pieces that I fired included a number of things that I joined using slip that I had made with bronze clay and distilled water. The problems arose when I let the slip sit around for awhile (probably a month) and it oxidized, causing it to no longer be effective. I had set some stone in bronze clay lumps, allowed them to dry so that I could refine them before adding them to the main piece. After firing, these pieces fell off in the tumbler. I use AC Silver oil paste to repair broken silver pieces with great success so I thought I would try making some bronze clay oil paste. I bought the lavendar essential oil at the health food store. It cost about $10 for a small bottle. I took a small lump, about the size of a pea, and mixed in 1 drop of the oil. I used a palette knife to mix the oil in thoroughly. I used this slip to attach the broken pieces, dried them on a cup warmer and fired them, using the same firing schedule that I have been using with success (from Hadar Jacobson’s book, Silver and Bronze Clay: Movement and Mechanisms.)

I actually thought that it probably wouldn’t work. The bronze clay is so different than the silver and I didn’t think the lavendar oil would have the same effect of diffusing the unfired metal clay particles into the porous surface of the fired metal. But I was pleasantly surprised! Every piece that I had repaired was fixed. Even the tiny little bits of faux rivits that had fallen off even before I tumbled.

Bronze after repairs

Repairs include attaching stones, repairing broken toggle piece, filling cracks and repairing rivet pieces

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Bronze Clay

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Kathleen Gordon and I did a demo for the San Francisco Bay Silver Clay group in February. We both took Hadar’s first Bronze Clay class at the PMC Conference last summer. Our motivation for doing the demo was the fact that we both feel that we need a deadline to force ourselves to work on something. All in all, I think it went pretty well.

Pressing clay into a mold.

Pressing clay into a mold.

Kathleen had been experimenting with it since the summer but I still had my sample pack sitting in the refrigerator! I was nervous about the firing. I had my stainless steels container and bag of charcoal sitting there, just waiting to go. I went online and watched all the videos from Cool Tools and Whole Lotta Whimsy and I ordered Hadar’s new book, Silver and Bronze Clay: Movement and Mechanism and read it cover to cover. We got together to play with the clay a couple of times and Sherry Cordova joined us once to give us some feedback.

We decided that we would make the demo a “hands on” meeting. I always love it when I get to play at the meetings. We figured that we would have 15-20 people at the meeting, so we ordered up a bunch of clay from Tonya at Whole Lotta Whimsy. She was gracious enough to add a few samples that we could distribute to the members.

Kathleen spent a day with Hadar, learning more about her bronze and copper clays. She brought some back and we experimented with it but didn’t have the new firing schedule that Hadar has worked out for her clay. The clay had a different feel from the Rio package but I think that they are essentially the same and one gets used to whatever clay they use the most. Sort of like the difference between Art Clay and PMC  or even the different types with clay within a brand.

Hadar now sells the powdered form of the clay and you can mix it up with distilled water to the perfect consistency. You can order from her website and read a blog that she just started that will have lots of tips about working with the clay.

Bronze clay before firing.

Bronze clay before firing.

Bronze pieces right out of the kiln.

Bronze pieces right out of the kiln.

We had over 20 members present at the meeting and I forgot my camera! Wish I could have taken pictures of the items everyone made. This weekend we meet again and I hope to see everyone’s pieces. I’ll have a few finished things to post as well.

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