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The Art of Running a Business

Posted in Uncategorized by paccorinti on August 25, 2010

At the PMC Conference this summer, I attended a couple of presentations related to the business of making and selling jewelry.  Susan Dilger’s presentation, The Art of Positioning and Pricing your Product, was really good. Susan worked in retail for many years, so she has a unique perspective for artists trying to sell their jewelry.  I really need some coaching on this, so I really appreciated everything she had to say. I already do some of the things that she suggests but I will have to try to be more organized about thinking of this as a real business and not just a hobby. Susan recommended Harriete Estel Berman’s blog, Ask Harriete for more information. Estele is a metals artist who lives in the San Francisco bay area. She also has some great insights. Her post about meeting with the IRS was eye opening!

The other presenter at the conference who talked about the business of crafts was Bruce Baker. He has been a jewelry maker and gallery owner and now spends much of his time coaching artists about selling their work. He was so entertaining. Selling is my least favorite thing but Bruce had lots of tips and insights that made the topic very interesting. He sells sets of CDs with his talks about selling, setting up an effective booth and how to get into juried shows from his website. Definitely worth listening to.


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