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Winding down….

Posted in Uncategorized by paccorinti on November 19, 2008

Well, it was an eventfull week and weekend. I spent the beginning of the week preparing for my first crafts show, Christmas in the Studio, in Los Gatos. I have been attending this show for more than 25 years because of the wonderful mix if crafts and fine art. It  all began 29 years ago when a group of artists who rented space at the closed Stocklemeyer elementary school decided to host a Christmas sale. Over the years, the artists who have participated and the venue has changed. For the last 10 years, it’s been held at the Los Gatos History Club, a lovely older building with gardens.

The show is organized by artists, Marilyn Host and Janet Trechard. It’s a fundraiser for the 13th Street Cat Rescue organization. I was one of 3 new artists and I was very excited. I’ve been working on creating an inventory and a display for months. I was really nervouse for the last week but by Wednesday night, everything seemed to be ready to go. I really enjoyed the sale. Lots of friends stopped by and I talked to lots of people who admired my jewelry and were interested in hearing about metal clays. But, by Saturday evening, at the end of the show, I was exhausted! To culminate the show, the artists and their helpers shared dinner after packing up the show for another year.

I should have spent Sunday recuperating but it was the 4th anniversary of the San Francisco Bay Area Silver Clay Guild and the guild planned a luncheon at the Beach Chalet Restaurant in San Francisco. I rode up to the city with Sherry Cordova, another SFBASCG member and artist. The restaurant is located in the same building that houses the Golden Gate Park’s Visitor Center, across from Ocean Beach. The vistor center is lined with wonderful murals created by WPA artist, Lucien Labaut, in the 1930’s. The murals depict scenes from depression era San Francisco. Since we arrived early, we decided to take a walk up to the Cliff House. The weather was amazing! It must have been 80°.

The lunch was very nice but as the sun started to descend, the room heated up and I was glad to leave. Sherry, Catherine Witherell, and Patrik Kusek and I decided to take a quick look at the jewelry exhibits at the Museum of Craft and Design. The exhibit is called The Thinking Body and features work by contemporary American and European metalsmiths.  We had the most fun making our own jewelry in the MakeArt space designed by Omiko Oye after being inspired by The Enlightenment Room by Nick Dong.

All in all, a great day spent with friends.

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